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“Stokvels are SA’s “hidden economy”. Research presented at the recent SA Marketing Research Association annual conference showed almost 11.5 million people belong to 811 830 stokvels around the country and that they collectively save an astonishing R49 billion a year.”
Defined as a group people coming together forming a saving scheme that provides both financial assistance as well as help or to meet social & entertainment needs, there are many names for Stokvels; such as Lekgotla, Society, Mgalelwane and many more. It depends what part of the country you are in or what is the objective of your stokvel.

With over 800 000 stokvels in existence in South Africa, the objectives vary but the most common are:

• Savings Stokvels
• Burial Stokvels
• Grocery Stokvels
• Birthday Stokvel
• Travel Stokvel
• Family Stokvel
• Investment Stokvels

With 40% of the South African population currently belonging to a Stokvel, membership boasts a myriad of personalities ranging from your ordinary ‘Gogo’ down the road all the way to the CEO of a blue chip company. Even though the majority of stokvel members are women about 43% of men are a member of a stokvel.

Geographically, Gauteng has the highest percentage of Stokvels followed by Limpopo, Kwa-Zulu Natal and North West respectively. The four provinces make up 70% of the stokvel market which has a total estimated value of R49 Million
Our community is a vehicle for change in peoples lives and that vehicle is a rocket.
Phakamani members have agreed to make Financial Freedom a reality in their lives today.
A highly social and interactive community with a shared dream of mutual benefit.
There is a high level of help and knowledge which is shared freely amongst members.

Update for Puntercafe

Update for Puntercafe


Hi All,

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The breakups will still…

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